A Better Way to Group Network Wells in Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard


Wellntel Analytics Dashboard (AD) is living set of data tools, visualizations, and analytics designed to be the most useful feature sets for analyzing, understanding, and presenting groundwater data. Recently feedback suggested that the Groups feature would be a more intuitive and easy-to-use tool if wells could be grouped in large batches, rather than one at a time.

We are excited to announce the roll out of these upgraded features. 

The newly upgraded Groups tab, “*BETA* Groups v2”, is currently in its beta testing phase. While beta testing, both the Groups v2 and the original Groups tabs can be used to group wells and manage group names without conflict.

The biggest upgrade to the new Groups tab is the Group Assignment Table. This table lists the network well names as rows, and the group names as columns. Check boxes fill the table enabling well group assignment in a matrix format. Using this tool, wells can be added to a group by simply checking the box at the intersection of the well name and group name. As with the original Groups feature set, wells can be assigned to as many groups as necessary and any group can have as many wells assigned to it as needed.

A second upgrade is a set of tools added to the map feature. The two new boxes, which show a square or a polygon icon, enable you to select wells by area directly on the map to focus the list of wells shown in the Group Assignment Table. By clicking or dragging a square, or by clicking points creating a polygon around an area, wells inside the square or polygon will be listed in the Group Assignment Table excluding all others. The focused list enables quick batch group assignment. To restore the full list of well names, click the “List All” button on the left side of the Group Assignment Table.To remove the area selection, click on the button with a trash can icon, click on the area selection, and then click “Save” in the small pop-out option.


In addition to the map selection tools, a manual filtering option is also available. This filtering option, labeled “Well Filter Tool”, includes two buttons that will either list all wells in the Well Assignment Table or list no wells in the Well Assignment Table and includes a box with a clickable list of the well names. 

The box with well names can be used to select specific wells to be included or excluded from the Well Assignment Table. To remove a specific well for the Well Assignment Table, select the well name in the filter tool box and press delete on your keyboard. To add specific wells back to the table, click in the filter tool box. A drop down menu will appear allowing for individual well selection. When a well is clicked it will be added back to the filter tool box and the Well Assignment Table. The two buttons can be used to reset the listed wells after filtering with the box or the map tools.

The new Groups feature set enables for quick assignment of wells to groups, individually, or in batches. All updates to group assignment are saved in the Cloud by clicking the “Save Edits” button. A saved edit can be canceled by clicking the “Cancel Edits” button, but only the last round of saved edits can be cancelled. 

For technical support email techsupport@wellntel.com (include `Analytics Dashboard` in the subject line) or call 844-935-5426 between the hours of 8-5pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. If you reach us after hours, we will promptly respond the next weekday morning.