A note to our friends, customers and community

As we continue to monitor the quickly-changing COVID-19 situation, we wanted to send a note to update you on our near-term operating plans.  We are doing everything possible to minimize risk to our employees and customers while continuing the support you expect.  We are making the following changes:

Customer Support:  

  • Our commercial and technical support teams are working remotely but will continue to be available via phone, text and email.  
  • We will continue to closely monitor your networks to ensure uptime and minimize data gaps.  
  • At this time, we have restricted travel for all employees so face-to-face meetings will be put on hold but we’re ready to organize web and teleconferences to support and answer questions whenever needed.


  • We are a manufacturing operation so it’s not possible for all of our employees to work from home so we are moving to essential-personnel-only staffing.  
  • We are expanding the cleaning effort to all areas of our facility, sanitizing workstations daily and encouraging employees to wash hands frequently and practice good hygiene.  

Lead Time:

  • We are seeing tightening of the supply chain for key materials and are doing our best to stay abreast of changes or delays.
  • If you have orders planned or pending that will need to be shipped or installed this summer or fall, those orders should be placed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team directly.

Wishing health and safety to you, your families and your teams –

Team Wellntel