All Water Data Now Available Via API

Wellntel Analytics Dashboard users who also subscribe to API can now GET Data from their 3rd party sources including pressure transducers, flow meters and manual observations to share into models, other databases and their own websites.

Starting today, API subscribers can use existing credentials to retrieve data from three Wellntel Information System endpoints, including:

  • The NEW “Sensor Readings (3rd party data) Endpoint” retrieves time-series data based on data type (and units) collected by the Wellntel Information System from sensors, like, but not limited to, pressure transducers, flow meters and rainfall instruments. These data are useful for data aggregation: combining different sources of information to look for relationships, similarities or differences.

Existing endpoints include:

  • The “Readings Endpoint” retrieves event readings and wells data once the user specifies date range, count and ordering. The result of a GET request at this endpoint includes time-series data with water level information from affiliated wells and surface water sources with Wellntel sensors reported in distance to water. These data are useful for time-based models, charting and trending.
  • The “Statistics Endpoint” retrieves wells data, readings counts, and aggregated depth values based on mean, min, max or sum values within a time period and with event types (timed, pumping, etc.) included or excluded. These data are useful for summary reports and metrics.

To learn more about Wellntel Analytics Dashboard and API services, consider attending a coming Cloud-to-Cloud Webinar.

Email Wellntel for instructions on setting up your API and starting the data sharing process!