Analytics Dashboard grouping expanded to include non-Wellntel sensors

Groups and Sharing

As of today, Curators and Subscribers of Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard  will enjoy more powerful and intuitive “grouping” tools.

Grouping is a function that allows scientifically-significant categorization of data locations to create accurate and intelligent charts, reports and lists though Analytics Dashboard and on WaterDrop Public Websites (if privacy agreements allow.)

Grouping was introduced a few years ago as a way to organize Wellntel Sensors into regions, aquifers, duty, or any other category a Curator might think of. 

Today, Grouping has been expanded to include non-Wellntel sensors and data streams that are stored in the Wellntel Cloud. With this new capability, a Curator can group any sensor or data source with any other, as long as the “data-type” is the same. For example, gallons-per-minute information collected by a flow meter can be combined with gallons-per-minute flowing through a surface water flume or weir in one group, or “distance-to-water” measurements taken from a variety of sensors and observations and be organized into another group. Any single sensor or data source can be assigned into many groups, so it might belong to both the group “Deep Aquifer” and the group “Southwest”.

Groups assigned by a Curator are instantly available in all Analytics Dashboard tabs for further study, and can be edited or improved using an intuitive GROUPS assignment Tab.

Importantly, if the goal of water data collection is to create public reporting websites using WaterDrop, Groups that include all types of sensors will be a powerful tool to share water data without revealing the exact location of field sensors or information about a volunteer contributing to the dataset. This advanced capability is in line with Wellntel’s Privacy Philosophy, which puts data ownership and sharing choices in the hands of Network Sponsors and Owners. In this way, water data can be collected privately or, if stakeholders agree, with complete transparency.

Wellntel Analytics Dashboard Subscribers are invited to sign up to attend an upcoming Webinar to see Groups in action or to visit Wellntel’s Technical Support Library to download instructions.