Build public websites with WaterDrop Groups and Bookmarks while hiding private details

Starting today, Curators can organize any stored data into Groups, and share those Groups to Public Facing Websites. In this way, Personally Identifiable Information is hidden, while Water Information from private sites can be made available.

This powerful new feature is available to Analytics Dashboard Curators and Network Sponsors.

If you haven’t already organized your data into Groups, you should start now. Grouping is a powerful function in which data collection locations (sensors, observations) can be organized into categories (Groups) as long as the Data Types (level, flow, etc.) and Units (feet, gallons, etc.) are the same. You create groups according to your reporting requirements. They can be hydrologic, as in aquifer or containment zone, or operational, like region or duty. In this case, 14 sensors have been grouped in Agriculture and Domestic, for well type, and shared on a WaterDrop Public Site, curated by the Network Sponsor.

AD WaterDrop AG and Domestic Groups

Once Groups are assigned, charts can be created and “Bookmarked” for sharing to public facing websites and reports. Visitors to curated websites will have access to grouped information, but not from individual sites. An easy-to-follow Quickstart Guide has been posted to our support page, as of today, January 14th, 2022.

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