What is a Local Network?

A Water Information System collecting and assembling data from an area – like a county, village or district – with built infrastructure like electricity, internet, and where surface and groundwater sources are accessible via flumes and wells.

If your goal is to understand the water cycle in a community, we can help you to create a community network, mixing agency, farm and private domestic wells (through a voluntary program), to lower costs and tap into existing infrastructure. And you can choose to lease or buy. These are the common steps to get started:

The process

  • Review and compare existing monitoring costs and risks
  • Propose initial subscription
  • Support recruitment plan
  • Expand network annually

What we provide

For agency owners building local networks in their communities, our services include planning, support for site selection, training to support installers, calibration and alerting, and we can quote either in a client-owned, or a lease model. We can also optionally engage client consultants to share data via API and to collect and archive past history.

Budgeting (*10 location network)

Expect a Wellntel Local Network to delivering exponentially greater quantities of useful information than has been available before, to simplify reporting and community engagement, while working within typical monitoring budgets.

$13-15K year one

$3K annually

* Includes siting, installation, training, equipment, access to Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard and replacement batteries. Remote systems requiring cellular networking or power provisions and Data Exchange will cost more.