Helping consultants streamline data acquisition and provide the in-depth insight that clients need

  • Expensive and time consuming data collection, processing and validation
  • Changing climate and increasing regulation
  • Tight client budgets require doing more for less
  • Increasing need for truer and more comprehensive information



Based on project scope, we’ll work with you and your client to design your real-time monitoring network, determine sensor sites/locations, install and train your team on the platform.


Through Analytics Dashboard, you can monitor all your networks, view real-time water data, build your reports and collaborate with local and remote teams.


Once your networks are up and running (or if you’re already working with a client with networks) we can help you organize existing data or connect your models to new groundtruth.

“You’ve thought of everything. You make it easy to specify, install, collect, organize and report. This is the future.”

– Consultant Partner

Together, we can make the work of water monitoring easier, more accurate, wider-ranging and more impactful.

Your budget (or your client’s) will depend on three factors: remoteness, data sources (existing or new) and the number of seats you need.

Water Data Management

* 25 locations / 25K records

  • Central, secure place for all projects and history
  • Automate reporting and basic analytics
  • Engage clients and colleagues

$6-8K annually

* Includes a subscription to Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard, permanent storage and data integration and report on historic observations and readings collected from up to 25 locations, totalling 25K measurements, as well as the ability to upload data from ongoing research. Data exchange will cost more. **Academic discounts are available.

Water Data Exchange

  • Model with latest local information
  • Build new scenarios with smart data tagging**
  • Automate reporting

$4-5K annually

* Includes a license for Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard, self-managed credentials including private keys, self-managed API end-points with the ability to GET latest streamed data or filtered data via SQL. Smart tags, like those originated in Wellntel sensors can be utilized in filtering or scenarios, like for pumping status or to reveal human impacts.

A New Remote Network

* 10 locations

  • Monitor operating conditions from anywhere
  • Minimize travel and field work
  • Share with clients and colleagues

$45-75K year one

$6K annually

* Includes siting, installation, training, equipment, access to Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard and replacement batteries and full remote site cellular networking and power. Existing infrastructure (internet and electricity) can lower first year and annual operating costs. Custom pages and/or Data Exchange may cost more.

A New Local Network

* 10 locations

  • Monitor precisely, and where the risk and opportunity are greatest
  • Build true human-impact metrics
  • Engage local stakeholders and stewards

$13-15K year one

$3K annually

* Includes siting, installation, training, equipment, access to Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard and replacement batteries. Remote systems requiring cellular networking or power provisions and Data Exchange will cost more.

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