Create dual axis charts from any datatype on Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard users will welcome a powerful new interactive capability that allows plotting of any time-series datasets on a chart so that smarter conclusions can be drawn and more complete reports can be shared. For example, imagine comparing surface water flow to groundwater level over time, or totalized flow to instantaneous flow rates from a pumping well or reservoir.

Wellntel’s new BUILD tab provides an interactive interface with which to select date range, data aggregation, averaging and/or normalization, datatype, and finally, sensor source, on two independent Y axes. Charts are created instantaneously with realtime data. Then, data from created charts can be downloaded, and charts saved as PNG for reporting. Any information collected in a Wellntel network can be selected and compared to any other time-series information.

In this example, flow (measured in gallons) from a production pumping well is compared with groundwater level at three nearby monitoring locations, demonstrating a range of pumping influence across a monitoring network.

And in the following example, instantaneous flow is compared with totalized flow over the course of a day and the start and finish of data collection during that day. In this way, flow data quality can be confirmed:

Build is being released in Beta in order to provide an opportunity for subscriber testing and feedback.

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