What is Water Data Exchange?

Using a secure, encrypted API, Water Data Exchange is the real-time transfer of information collected in the Wellntel Cloud to other databases, like websites and models.

For modellers who are forced to rely on low-resolution information or information lacking vital meta-tags, Wellntel-pedigree water data can be the key to model accuracy and precision, eliminating guesswork and report risk. If you are running water cycle or groundwater models (or other databases), Wellntel can provide accurate and reliable water groundtruth to make the models more accurate, more predictive and more actionable. To get started, we would work with you to:

The process

  • Identify useful and available data-sets and metatags
  • Map locations and reference points
  • Support query design
  • Supply an API end-point
  • Issue security credentials
  • Support ongoing data exchange

What we provide

Wellntel’s Data Exchange product includes a license (or licenses) to use Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard for data review and to create the end point from which you computers can automatically access water data from Wellntel’s secure cloud in API calls.

*Data sharing agreements must be in place between network owners and consultants or scientists accessing information via the Water Data Exchange.


Expect a Wellntel Data Exchange to deliver more data than has been available to any hydrologic model or water database before – making conclusions richer, more current, and more actionable.

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