What is Water Data Management?

Water Data Management is a cloud-based software system enabling the collection, storage and organization and sharing of water data from networks of existing observation and sensor stations.

For example, if you have been collecting water information from conventional sources, Wellntel can provide the Data Management infrastructure to simplify your work moving forward. For consultants and scientists who face the daunting task of juggling huge and often incompatible data sets, Wellntel’s Analytic Dashboard represents an opportunity to dramatically reduce and even eliminate the make-work that slows local progress and lets you focus on value-added reporting, stakeholder engagement and client acquisition. To do this, we would work with you to:

The process

  • Map your sites and organize your data types
  • Issue security credentials
  • Provide upload tools, an API and training
  • Support ongoing sharing and reporting

What we provide

Wellntel’s Data Management product includes a license (or licenses) to connect (via API) or upload and geographically organize time-series water data (of any imaginable type) to Wellntel’s secure cloud, and access to all the latest Tools and sharing functions on Wellntel’s innovative Analytics Dashboard.

Budgeting (25 location network)

Expect a Wellntel Data Management to pay for itself in less than a year compared with hours and computing spent on traditional data formats and processes (notepads and spreadsheets).

$6-8K annually*

* Includes a subscription to Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard, permanent storage and data integration and report on historic observations and readings collected from up to 25 locations, totalling 25K measurements per location, as well as the ability to connect (via API) upload data from ongoing research. Data exchange will cost more. **Academic discounts are available.