Enter and Save Well Alias or Identification Codes on Analytics Dashboard

The Wellntel Analytics Dashboard now includes a feature to add and save an additional well identifier such as a name, alias, or code.

Wellntel monitoring networks are often built to expand, support, or enhance existing monitoring networks. In these applications monitoring sites, wells, and sensors may have specific institutional naming or coding protocols and conventions that enable cohesive integration of data into databases and models.

The addition of the “Well Alias” field, and the ability to enter, save and update this from the Wellntel Analytics Dashboard, allows for the inclusion of these naming conventions for data handling and integration while retaining intuitive names for Wellntel monitoring locations that allow for easy data visualization and site navigation.

To enter a Well Alias, click on the “Locations” tab in Analytics Dashboard. Under the “Well Alias” column, double click on the row for the well you would like to enter information for and enter the required information in the field that appears. When complete, click “Save Edits” and the entered aliases will be saved in the Cloud.

Well aliases entered and saved will be available as a field in the Wellntel API, Download, and other offline data access features.

For more information see: Wellntel Operating Manual

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