Gateway Firmware Update Improves System Resilience

We’ve been working to improve system uptime and data integrity, and today, we’ll begin rolling out new firmware that does both.

What’s new in Gateway Firmware V1.2.14:

1.) Some Wellntel Gateways have shown susceptibility to local network changes or conditions that can cause a Gateway to lose its connection to the cloud without warning. Data are not often lost, but can be temporarily interrupted until the owner responds to our request to take action to reset the system. This new firmware should significantly reduce the need for action. By default, Wellntel Gateways with V1.2.14 or later will automatically call for fresh network instructions once a day, so little owner/member attention will be required.

2.)  We’ve seen rare but bothersome periods when Wellntel Gateways have temporarily issued improper time that they received from public NTP servers, causing sensors to send data for up to a day with time stamps 24 hours old. While we can’t definitively call out hackers as the source of these time-shifts, there is good reason to believe that their work is at the root of these errors. It should be said that the Wellntel network — hardware, firmware and the cloud — is hardened and secure and has never been compromised. Instead, shared time-issuing servers on which all Internet computers depend are the target and the culprit. Regardless of the source, V1.2.14 firmware ensures that even if NTP servers are temporarily compromised, data from your Wellntel equipment will not be.

Our plan is to begin pushing this firmware to all live Gateways this week. Most customers will not need to take any action. In the rare case that need your help, expect that a representative will reach out directly to ask for it.

And a special shout out to customers, sponsors and members who stepped up to beta test this package. You know who you are. Thank you!

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact us during regular business hours (9am – 5pm Central) at 844-935-5426 or email

Team Wellntel