Groundwater insights allow businesses to meet sustainability goals

Wellntel for the Sustainable Businesses

It was once thought that groundwater monitoring would be the exclusive purview of government scientists, agencies and regulators. Wellntel upends that premise by enlisting, teaching and enabling citizens and community groups to themselves become collectors of groundwater data. We’ve seen that businesses are as interested as citizens and communities in sustainability, and need groundwater facts to meet their profit goals, their goals for shareholder value, and to demonstrate corporate citizenship.

Wellntel for Business

It is not surprising that businesses would build or sponsor groundwater monitoring. Consider that a 2014 study showed that S&P 500 companies that have built sustainability into their core strategies outperform those that haven’t.

“Without sufficient supply from a sustainable source, a company faces a systematic business risk that often requires considerable mitigation. For some, this may require moving entire factories or reworking the supply chain, while for others it may require changing a product, products or processes.” – Nelson Switzer, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Nestlé Waters North America (via Forbes)

On the ground, and through new customers and projects, we see that businesses must understand the natural resource condition in regions where they operate or invest, and, more specifically, make smarter operating decisions based on facts about groundwater supply and health. A water-intensive business with a portfolio of operating locations, can, for example, shift production to where resources are known to be abundant and renewable, and, then, become stewards to ensure that they will remain that way.

Wellntel makes this possible on scales ranging from small to very large:

  • A mine operator in Wisconsin has built a groundwater-monitoring network on neighborhood wells ringing the mine and then reports on pumping impacts and recovery metrics in a quarterly review with local leaders and citizens.
  • A California vineyard keeps a close watch on local annual recharge and makes seasonal decisions about pumping, storage and irrigation schedules.
  • A growing concentrated livestock operation is enlisting neighbors to collect groundwater level data to establish a baseline against which new water demand is compared and managed.

In each case, a business, as a local and global corporate citizen, works to ensure the long-term health of the water supply.

With Wellntel’s innovative turnkey Network Subscription offer, a business can stand up within weeks or even days a large scale and dense groundwater-monitoring network that is highly secure, and not be burdened with the purchase or management of equipment or new IT systems. Through this industry leading offer, the business customer will receive actionable and accurate data ready for use in reports, for sustainability metrics and assessments, and for investor and management communications.

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Wellntel for the Sustainable Businesses