Import and Export Google Earth KML-KMZ Files in Analytics Dashboard


Spatial analysis provides the necessary context for understanding and interpreting groundwater monitoring-network data. Within Wellntel’s continuing effort to enhance spatial analysis capabilities, the Analytics Dashboard (AD) now includes the ability to upload and download Google Earth KML and KMZ format files in addition to GIS shape files.

This is a major upgrade enabling integration of spatial data from multiple platforms both on AD and offline. Wellntel will never replace all spatial analysis capabilities of other GIS platforms, however, with a goal of compatibility and ease of use, expanding spatial data capabilities to include KML and KMZ files is a critical step forward.

On the Wells feature set and tab, look for the upload tool below the wells map to upload KML, KMZ, and shape files for access, use, and visualization across AD.On the Maps feature set and tab, look for the new “Download Spatial Data” button.This new button replaces the previous “Download ShapeFile” button to allow options to include KML and KMZ formats as wells as different data such as well locations for use in Google Earth and other platforms.

For more information see the Wellntel Operating Manual.

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