Introducing the New “Regional” Subscription for Wellntel Analytics Dashboard

Wellntel EAA_regional2

Many Wellntel public sector network sponsors partner with agencies, consultants, researchers, and other organizations at the local, state, or aquifer level. These regional organizations may also partner with other sponsors of Wellntel networks. This multi-network, regional association necessitates access to data across multiple networks as well as analytics and visualizations that extend across networks boundaries to include all wells and data associated with regional organizations.

For private sector clients, like water operators or large agricultural companies operating in more than one location, a Regional Subscription assembles data from many local networks into a single “enterprise” dashboard.

To meet these needs, Wellntel is launching a new Analytics Dashboard (AD) subscription called a “Regional”. A Regional subscriber is one with access and view data from many networks and wells using the Wellntel AD.

Regional view of three Conservation District Wellntel networks with monitored wells within various Edwards Aquifer Authority jurisdictional boundaries (shape file of Edwards Aquifer Authority GMAs available here). Map generated using Wellntel Analytics Dashboard.

Regional users are able to log in to Wellntel AD, view all well information, access and visualize all groundwater-level data and analytics provided through AD for all wells across associated networks. Wells can be organized into groups independent of network sponsor group organization enabling useful filtering and visualization of data for management at the regional level.

Wellntel EAA_regional2
Aquifer zones in the Edwards Aquifer Authority region of Texas. Map generated using Wellntel Analytics Dashboard.

The new regional user type was built as a many to many relationship with Wellntel network sponsors (Figure 3). This means that regional users have the flexibility of association with multiple networks, while networks also have the flexibility of association with multiple regional organizations supporting relationships across management, research, consulting, and private sectors.

Example of a many to many regional to network sponsor relationship. In this case, regional 1 is associated with networks 1, 2 and 3, regional 2 is associated with networks 2 and 3, and regional 3 is associated with networks 1 and 2. Each network is associated with more than one regional and each regional is associated with more than one network.

The Wellntel platform provides access to groundwater data at multiple levels. Wellowners can view data and useful metrics for their well at while network sponsors, technicians and managers can access data for entire networks including network focused data visualizations and analytics through Wellntel AD. With the addition of regional users/subscriptions for AD, Wellntel now provides a complete bottom up and top down platform for all groundwater stakeholders. 

Regional seats, or licences, can be purchased from Wellntel that include setup of the necessary regional-to-network associations in the Cloud as well as the necessary login credentials for AD. Enterprise level network and regional licences are available for organizations with multiple AD users requiring multiple sets of AD login credentials. Contact Wellntel directly for information on enterprise level subscriptions.

Regional subscribers have access to data that are shared with them based on permissions and privacy agreements between the Regional organization, the Network Sponsor, and Network Members. All Wellntel Privacy commitments apply.