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Current Transducer

When the included Current Transducer (CT) is installed, a Wellntel ST System will measure on a timed interval and will tag readings associated with a running pump – Pump Start, Stop and Recovery – per the preset mode.


IMPORTANT:  This CT is rated for up to 5 horsepower (HP) pumps, single or three-phase.  If your pump has a  higher horsepower, you will need to use a properly sized CT. Read more in the site suitability checklist.


Pump Performance Monitoring Operation
Pump performance detects pumping activity via the clamp-on Current Transducer (CT) that monitors current flow to the pump motor.


To install the Current Transducer (CT):

  1. Route the terminating ends of the CT wire through the cord-grip from the bottom up.
  2. Locate the leads to your pump motor. They can often be found under a turtle cap, or a control or junction box where the motor leads run.
  3. Clip the current transducer around the black or yellow (main winding) motor lead. Do not place on the red wire on a single-phase motor as this is the capacitor start winding or the green wire, which is ground.

Do not clip to red or green wires


  1. Connect the CT wires to the terminals P1 and P2 on the Sensor Terminal (no polarity).
  2. Tighten the cord-grip to seal the wire insulation.


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