Kendri Salmans Joins Wellntel as its New Science and Information Manager

Kendri Salmans working on a remote Wellntel system

Kendri is no stranger to Wellntel; we’ve been working together to build water monitoring networks for years.

When we learned that Joe Fillingham would be leaving, only one name came to mind as his potential replacement, and we’re thrilled to announce that Kendri Salmans has joined the Wellntel team. Kendri comes to Wellntel as a Geologist with deep experience in data management and hydrogeologic analysis. As Staff Geologist for Santis Environmental since 2016, Kendri has been involved in a wide range of field and monitoring work, included, but not limited to:

  • Aquifer Testing
  • Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring
  • Hydraulic Testing (Silt Density Index, Step, Constant and Water Quality Variability)
  • Instrument validation
  • Production Well Testing and Assessment
  • Specialized Sampling (e.g. PFAs, Radionuclides, Phenols, etc.)
  • Stream Flow Monitoring (electromagnetic profiling and weir construction)
  • Surface Water Characterization
  • Water Source Field Reconnaissance and Characterization

Kendri holds a BS in Geology (Geophysics Concentration) from the University of Kansas and has affiliations with the Indiana Water Resources Association, the National Groundwater Association and Alpha Chi Sigma (a Professional Chemistry Fraternity.)

Welcome Kendri!