New Analytics Dashboard Average, Minimum, and Maximum Features

The Wellntel Analytics Dashboard now includes options to plot maximum and minimum water elevation and depth to water values in addition to average levels.

This upgrade requires a reorganization of options on the Hydrograph and Compare features including an “Aggregate by” option, so that when “Day”, “Week”, “Month”, “Quarter”, or “Year” are selected an additional option to view data as “Average”, “Maximum”, or “Minimum” becomes available. If “None” is selected for “Aggregate by”, then the “View as” option does not appear.

It is important to note that when using the maximum and minimum options to chart water level data, the selection of “Elevation” or “Depth to Water” is critical to interpretation of the chart. Water elevation is the height of the water surface in the well above mean sea level which means that the maximum water elevation will be the shallowest water level in the well and the minimum water elevation will be the deepest water level in the well. When water depth in the well is selected, the opposite will be true.

This can be highlighted by comparing the daily maximum water elevation and depth to water of a domestic well that pumps regularly. The daily maximum water elevation produces a hydrograph of the shallowest water levels in the well for each day reflecting the water levels that are closest to “static” water levels, or water levels at their most recovered state each day.

The daily maximum depth to water (with same aggregation and viewing options, but different water level type) produces a plot of water levels that include deeper water levels reflecting the maximum water depths in the well each day which includes the maximum drawdown of pumping events when and if they occur each day.

Maximum and minimum options are already available in the Wellntel API, however, adding this option to visualization features represents another step towards an ever more useful online platform for real-time groundwater data analysis.

For more information see: Wellntel Operating Manual

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