New Features on Wellntel Dashboard; including Smartphone Hydrographs

Wellntel Mobile Web Hydrograph

Earlier this week, we posted new features to customer dashboards to provide easier access to the most important groundwater information, improve communication, increase system accuracy and uptime. Here are a few of the highlights:

1.) Mobile Web includes Groundwater and Tank Level

When you login to your Wellntel account using a smartphone, you’ll be able to choose between your Wellntel systems (if you have more then one), and then be presented with all readings in a familiar and zoomable hydrograph.

Wellntel Mobile Web Hydrograph

2.) Network alerts keep your data flowing

To call your attention to a possible network issue and prompt local action, we’ve created a new alert that tells customers (and us) when a Gateway hasn’t been heard from in 24 hours and explains what to do and how to do it.

We’re coupling this alert with the launch of Wellntel Managed Systems, a new service for vital data applications.

3.) Opt-in or out of temperature reminders

We sometimes send customer reminders to check groundwater temperature. Their observations and contributions are important to improving the accuracy of the Wellntel system. However, some customers either can’t access water temperature, or don’t have the time to participate in the collection of temperature information. So we’ve added the option to opt-in or out of this program.

4.) Enhanced temperature compensation

Temperature compensation is important to Wellntel accuracy. We measure the temperature at the wellhead with each reading and combine it with USGS data and your observations to estimate the temperature deeper in the well.

A new algorithm allows our calibrations team to account for local variations in the temperature in a specific well based on new factors like geology, latitude, and well depth.

Wellntel Local Temp Refinement