New WaterDrop Features Released Today: Aquifer IDs and Change over Time

WaterDrop Visitors and Wellntel Analytics Dashboard (AD) Subscribers will enjoy powerful new features, released today, May 25th 2021.

Two Key Upgrades:

1.) National and Local Aquifer Labelling. Since WaterDrop allows USGS wells to be studied in aggregate and, for AD Subscribers, alongside private network data, it is important to know the aquifer in which a USGS monitoring well has been developed. So starting today, all pages that contain USGS monitoring well data will also contain details about their respective aquifers. By selecting data to analyse based on these labels, scientists and managers can combine relevant information on Level, Build, Contour and Change tabs. In the following screenshot, users can select from the “Outwash” or the “Niagara Dolomite” aquifers in a triangle between Cincinnati, Lima and Columbus Ohio.

2.) View Change Over Time. WaterDrop Visitors, Scientists and Explorers will notice a new capability that will be familiar to longtime AD Subscribers. A new Change tab has been published that allows any or all locations to be compared in terms of change from an origin (a date at which all locations are normalized to zero that is programmable by you). In this way, you can see how varying locations differ in relationship to time and to each other. This will be especially useful to water planners tasked with making decisions about new development or groundwater pumping plans.

Wellntel Analytics Dashboard Subscribers will find that these capabilities have been seamlessly integrated into their dashboard experience.

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Visitors are urged to try WaterDrop today. It’s free, fun and unlike an water analytics experience you’ve ever had. Still unsure? Learn more about what you can do with WaterDrop, here.