WaterDrop Curator Monthly Subscription

$208.00 / month

As a WaterDrop Curator, you can create your own private networks and connect data from up to 200 monitoring locations alongside available public data using either telemetry, API or batch upload. Time-series data of any type can be added to your WaterDrop dashboard for analysis and sharing (optionally).


Unlike WaterDrop Basic, which only combines publicly available data into an online dashboard, WaterDrop Curator enables a water consultant, scientist or manager to assemble their own water data – level, water quality, flow or observations – from both history and on an ongoing basis as more information is collected and importantly, to create and share custom reports and analytics with colleagues and on public websites, as long as agreements allow. In this way data can be stored permanently and privately, and they can be assembled into WaterDrop’s powerful analytical tools, like contour mapping, change-over-time, compare (influence of one location/datatype to another), etc. or made ready to share at an API endpoint.

No more spreadsheets or CSV files! All the measurement you’ve ever taken (or will take) in one, safe and interactive place.

Your data are yours. You control privacy. (See Wellntel’s Privacy Agreement). You can add as much data as you can collect at each location. You can group, organize, report and alert on metrics you create to users you assign.