We offer four water information products, depending on your needs

Networks and Data Tools


Remote Networks

If your goal is to understand the water cycle in a remote place or on private land, we can help you plan the most efficient combination of data locations, hardware requirements, local metrics and shared reports.

Community Networks

If your goal is to understand the water cycle in a community, we can help you to create a community network, mixing agency, farm and private domestic wells (through a voluntary or public/private sharing program), to lower costs and tap into existing infrastructure. And we will help you connect the participants remotely.

Data Tools

Water Data Management

If you have been collecting water information from conventional sources, Wellntel can provide the Data Management infrastructure to simplify your work moving forward. We’ll help you assemble your research into powerful and permanent integrated record.

Water Data Exchange

If you are running water cycle or groundwater models, Wellntel can provide accurate and reliable water groundtruth to make the models more accurate, more predictive and more actionable. We’ll help you connect, retrieve and apply historic and most-recent water information in your own analyses.

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