What is it a Remote Network?

A Water Information System collecting and assembling data from a site where there is little or no built infrastructure, like electricity, internet and where travel takes time.

If your goal is to understand the water cycle in a remote place, we can help you plan the most efficient combination of data locations and hardware requirements. Once needs are defined, we’ll quote a turnkey package: everything you need to monitor and present in real-time. And you can choose to lease or buy.

The process

  • Site Visit (in person or virtual)
  • Compatibility and Network Plan
  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Ongoing Data Collection, Management and Storage

What we provide

For private owners needing remote networks, our services would include planning, telemetry and power engineering, installation, service and support, and we can quote either in a client-owned, or a lease model. We can also work closely with client consultants to share in installation field work.

Budgeting (*10 location network)

Expect a Wellntel Remote Network to pay for itself in less than a year by minimizing travel and field visits, while delivering exponentially greater quantities of useful information than has been available before and streamlining reporting and stakeholder engagement.

$45-75K year one

$6K annually

Includes siting, installation, training, equipment, access to Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard and replacement batteries and full remote site cellular networking and power. Existing infrastructure (internet and electricity) can lower first year and annual operating costs. Custom pages and/or Data Exchange may cost more.