Simple Charts Come to AD

With new classes of data coming to Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard it becomes necessary to provide immediate, basic reporting that supports any water data type.

Simple Charts Screen Shot

Today, Wellntel is announcing “Simple Charts” in a BETA release, available to all Analytics Dashboard subscribers.

With Simple Charts, you can view any water dataset (from sources other than Wellntel Sensors) brought to Analytics Dashboard either via Upload or API (Application Programming Interface). Familiar tools make it easy to create a useful chart, including (but not limited to) period selection, normalization, chart types, titling, aggregation, averaging and download as data or charts.

Simple Charts are intuitive and clean and will speed your reporting work, starting immediately. The release of Simple Charts in BETA will make room for feedback and improvements in the next few weeks. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to Nick Hayes, and he’ll make certain to work with the Analytics Dashboard development team to consider your ideas for the final release.