Starting Now: Anyone can share local water facts

  • Create public-facing websites about local water
  • Share live data from public and private (opted-in) measurement sites
  • Create and share permalinks for ArcGIS, Google Maps and other 3rd party mapping tools

Today, Wellntel is announcing WaterDropTM BookMark – a major advancement in water data handling that will speed communication between water stakeholders, helping to lower water risk anywhere in the United States. 

WaterDrop is a cloud-based, realtime, water information sharing platform that brings together all the available public water data in a region.

WaterDropTM BookMark – a new feature available to all WaterDrop users – enables anyone to share local facts about water they have gathered and organized while using WaterDrop. For example:

  1. Anyone who is interested in water can study rainfall, recharge and water balance collected by trusted sources and share summary data with anyone else
  2. Water data collectors like scientists, consultants and water agencies can curate and share their water data in easy-to-understand visuals through real-time water dashboards and public-facing websites designed for stakeholders

With WaterDropTM BookMark, the data sources to build water balance reports and stakeholder engagement are unlimited. Visitors can search for live and historic datasets offered by federal government agencies. Data from selected state agencies are also available, with more anticipated. (Interested state public data providers should contact Wellntel at

Furthermore, Wellntel Analytics Dashboard Subscribers can add (or connect via API) their own observations and data from sponsored networks or, if they are available, data from process automation, metering and billing networks. In this way, historic “stranded data” can be unstranded, and then “Bookmarked” – or shared publicly, without the need for spreadsheets, emails or custom website design.

And in a citizen-science breakthrough, when Subscriber Network Volunteers agree and contracts allow, all the information from any of the sources can be organized and shared to create interactive, live infographics, maps, and reports. In this way citizens can participate in both collecting and sharing local data and anyone interested – neighbors, educators, citizen scientists and science journalists – can understand whether a region is “in balance”, or if actions are warranted to address a problem, like a shortfall of rainfall, a risk of flooding.

Subscribers are invited to attend a special AD/WaterDrop Master Class to learn how to get started using WaterDropTM BookMark. In this class, we will demonstrate how to assemble data from a wide range of sources, how to ensure that private source privacy rules are in place for sharing, how to control what is shared and from where, and how to actually do the sharing. The process is intuitive and fast, but a demonstration will speed implementation.

  • Who is the MasterClass for? Wellntel AD Subscribers, Water Managers, Hydrogeologists, Civil Engineers
  • Agenda
    • WaterDropTM and WaterDropTM BookMark Overview
      • AD integration
      • Use cases
    • Managing Privacy Settings
    • Selecting Data Sources
    • Assembling Visual to Bookmark and Share
    • Sharing Visuals Publically

Attendees will receive our new WaterDropTM BookMark Quickstart Guide.


Never has there been a time when the need for shared water science was more vital than it is today.

With record-breaking drought in the west, surging sea level on the coasts, and intensifying rain and flooding events complicating farming – all of which challenges water and energy production, and confounds insurance and investment – the work to achieve local water balance is becoming vital. Water balance is the understanding of current and future reserves and recharge and the measurement of the water production in an area to ensure that its communities can thrive for the long term.

The science that underpins water balance has always been complicated, uncoordinated and time consuming. Datasets have been inadequate, intermittent and hard to share. In fact, in all of human history, there has never been a way to combine measures of demand (how much water is used) with how much is predicted to be available, so we trust that ample water is available, even when it may not be.

So almost a decade ago, Wellntel took on the challenge of “pioneering water stewardship.” What does that mean? With laser focus on getting facts into the hands of water stakeholders, Wellntel’s innovations simplify, accelerate and expand the work of data collection, transmission, preparation and sharing. Today, Wellntel helps water-intensive businesses, farms, water agencies and managers to track rainfall, surface water, groundwater and time, supplying everything from simple and accurate sensors to long range communication systems, to cloud and analytical services, automated alerts and reports.