Falling or Cascading Water

Actively cascading water in a well is generally viewed as an unhealthy condition and should be corrected by a Well Service professional by adding a sleeve to stop the flow. However, where cascading is present, it will help to mount Wellntel on an access port fitted to a sounding tube. We’re happy refer a professional inContinue reading “Falling or Cascading Water”

Long Distance Telemetry

When the distance between radios exceeds 2200 feet, or where there are large obstructions like hills and trees, Wellntel suggests adding optional mounting kits — wire and brackets — to move the antennae up on both the Sensor and Gateway ends. Line of sight is always better. Lift both ends! Battery life can be improved withContinue reading “Long Distance Telemetry”

A Spool-type Pitless Adapter

Wellntel will provide an optional long-lead sensor harness for installation into a partial sounding tube, that contains the signal and enables successful readings through spool-type pitless adapters. Wellntel recommends a partial sounding tube be installed by a qualified well servicer as a matter of practice where these adapters are prevalent. For help with either the customContinue reading “A Spool-type Pitless Adapter”

Artesian Well with a Spool

Wellntel recommends against installing on artesian wells with sealing spools. The physical separation between the unpressurized area above the spool and the pressurized area below the spool prevent the signal from getting to where it needs to go.