Started in 2013, Wellntel has automated the processes of data collection, management, organization, and have improved methods of analyzing and sharing useful information.

Every day, we add capabilities to collect and combine new data types, new data feeds, and help clients share what they know.

Wellntel holds patents for groundwater level and groundwater quality measurement in networks, telemetry systems and monitoring network design.

We invent new ways to collect, analyze and share vital information about water:

Our Innovations:

Fast, complete, and accurate water information networks

Water moves downhill. Some if it falls from the sky. Some flows in rivers and is stored in lakes. And much if it is stored underground. So to understand the true water cycle, we need to understand all of it: the rain, the flow, and the amount in storage.

So Wellntel has created the only a cloud-based water information system designed to assemble and share water cycle facts in real-time. With Wellntel, you can quickly stand up a network that is:

  • Permanent, autonomous telemetry-enabled sensors and data-feeds
  • Automatically referenced to measuring point and elevation
  • Delivers metrics that matter to your desktop (Do you care about recharge? Monitor it. Do you care about gallons pumped? Measure those.)
  • Tracks surface water, groundwater, gallons pumped, rainfall, drawdown, recovery – almost any useful water cycle metric.

A more effective method of getting and sharing water knowledge

Unlike a commodity, like food or oil, water is a shared resource. We all have a stake in it. So to manage it locally, local stakeholders need to know about it. Using best-in-class cloud combined with strong privacy protections, ultra-secure networks, client-determined access and sharing, we have made it easy to gather accurate information, assemble it into useful reports and share facts with everyone who needs them.

  • Experts curate key facts to stakeholders to ensure best practices.
  • Private companies can monitor and report on their own sustainability
  • Local governments and NGOs can engage citizens in planning and policymaking
  • Consultants and scientists aenjoy a reliable source of water ground-truth to inform models and forecasts and importantly,
  • … partnerships are created built on facts and cooperative water stewardship.

New data sources: sensors for everyone, data from everywhere

In order to share information, it must be collected and organized first, and our goal has been to make the work easier, automatic, secure and reliable. To do this, we have:

  • Created the only cloud-based, telemetry-enabled groundwater level sensor that can be installed in minutes by a novice, doesn’t touch water, doesn’t require recalibration, and delivers science-grade information from any well; an existing monitoring well or from domestic or small farm wells and from municipal wells with submersible pumps.
  • Created the first permanent repository for flow information from a wide range of existing sensors and meters.
  • Created the first API and upload tools to automate the assembly of observed measurements taken over time and to ingest and analyze time series information with an unlimited array of data types.