There’s a Change in the Weather

It is with heavy hearts but immense pride that we have said goodbye to Joe Fillingham, PhD, Wellntel’s Science and Information Manager. Joe has been with us from the very beginning: joining the team in the first concept development meetings as a young, smart PhD student, and then becoming a key leader in the business, and frankly, the water information market.

Joe got his dream job, and we won’t stand in his way. But we’ll sure miss him.

As a student of meteorology first, Joe has a thing for weather. When a position as contractor to the NOAA’s (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) opened up, Joe had to apply. Joe will be working in the OAR headquarters Office of Science Support supporting and coordinating science and research across the OAR laboratories and programs. It’s a big important job and Joe is the ideal person for it.

We will all miss Joe and will remain lifelong friends. He did a terrific job closing the books on his Wellntel projects and leaves us in a great place. And we will soon announce Joe’s replacement, who comes with much Wellntel technology and information experience and will be joining the team this summer. Look for that announcement in the next few weeks.

If you need support with or have questions about Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard, our Data Management and Data Exchange products, or anything related to Wellntel information, feel free to reach out to our CTO, Nicholas Hayes and/or Jenny Ulbricht, Wellntel’s Technical and Operations Manager. We will respond right away.

Standing ovation for Joe the Science Guy!