Upgrades to Wellntel Analytics Dashboard Mapping Tools


The Wellntel Analytics Dashboard (AD) includes new features for maps and spatial data analysis.

Maps can now be downloaded as image files. This feature is indispensable for groundwater professionals who rely on network map visuals for reports, communications, and groundwater level analysis. Downloaded maps match the zoom of the currently displayed map on AD and will include all of the selected and displayed layers, such as well location markers, uploaded shape files, KML or KMZ files, contours, and bubble displays.


There is also a new option to load multiple layers such as shapefiles and KML/KMZ files and a tool to assign colors to the different layers. When shapefiles or other layers are uploaded, each layer appears as a checkbox which can be selected for map display. When selected a drop down menu appears enabling the color assignment for that layer. These new features create the platform for custom map visuals that incorporate both network groundwater data as well as other useful spatial data.

For more information about the Wellntel Analytics Dashboard see the Wellntel Operating Manual.

For technical support email techsupport@wellntel.com (include `Analytics Dashboard` in the subject line) or call 844-935-5426 between the hours of 8-5pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. If you reach us after hours, we will promptly respond the next weekday morning.