View Hydrograph Data in a Table on Wellntel Analytics Dashboard

The Wellntel Analytics Dashboard (AD) now includes the option to view, in an on screen table, the data shown in hydrographs. When the “View Data” option is checked, a table appears below the hydrograph which includes all of the depth-to-water and water elevation data displayed in the hydrograph.

Although the hydrograph itself includes interactive features, such as pop-up data displays for each data point, the option to view data in a table enables immediate view and analysis of all of the data behind the chart without requiring a data download or a spreadsheet. The on screen table includes paging, which reduces the burden of scrolling through unruly rows and rows of data. There is also sorting option for each column, or field, in the table speeding analysis.

For more information about the Wellntel Analytics Dashboard see the Wellntel Operating Manual.

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