Wellntel Announces New Sensing Mode to Track, Tag and Understand Pumping Influence During Fixed Timed Interval Monitoring

Pump Influence Modes

Wellntel’s New Pump Influence Tagging enables easy and fast exclusion or inclusion of pump influenced groundwater levels in a dataset.

The powerful new feature comes standard on all systems leaving Wellntel’s Wisconsin factory as of March 1st, 2018, and is backwards compatible with all customer systems running Sensor Firmware 2.0 or higher.

With a Pump Performance Kit installed on a well with a pump, any Wellntel system will take readings on the programmed time interval (default is once every 4 hours), but if the pump is running when the reading is taken, the reading will be tagged “Pump Influenced”, and if the pump is not running, the reading will be tagged “Timed.” All Hydrographs on dashboards will include Pump Influence readings by default, but customers can choose to exclude Pump Influenced readings when the “Static” radio button is selected, and data exported from these charts will include or exclude readings as selected.

Pump influence exclusion is a common practice among groundwater scientists and water managers, who often value trends more than up-to-the-minute operating conditions. However, with the ability to tag these and other local conditions (like pump start, stop and recovery) Wellntel offers new possibilities and insights. With the power to collect and then choose to either include or exclude these data when it makes sense, owners and network sponsors gain deeper understanding of a well and the groundwater source it draws from.

With the addition of Pump Influence tagging in Basic and +Pump Systems, Wellntel now offers five ways of viewing pumping activity in the context of groundwater levels in a well, depending on the type of system that you have. Wellntel Basic now includes Pump Influence Tagging. The following sample hydrography compare the five modes.

Pump Influence Modes

Customers will enjoy additional benefits made possible with these new capabilities:

  • Customers with Basic Systems gain insights into pumping activity, not available before.
  • Data flow from +Pump systems can be streamlined while still providing insights into pump duty, speeding dashboard performance, extending solar ride-through periods and enabling battery-powering, need be.
  • Systems on predictable time intervals stay running longer, with less attention from owners, compared with systems that must track unpredictable rapid-fire pumping events.
  • Customers with +Pump systems and constant pressure pumps can ignore rapid start/stop patterns that provide little useful information and focus on groundwater levels and trends.

For most well owners and network members, Timed Readings with Pump Influence Tagging will be more than enough, so this is the factory default setting in a Basic system. Some Wellntel owners, like farms and mine operators running networks of systems, will require data and alerts from every pumping event, so +Pump factory default will track and tag all events.

Owners/Sponsors requiring a setting other than Factory Default  should call (844-935-5426) or email the Wellntel Team (info@wellntel.com) and the change will be made remotely.

Customers not yet running sensor firmware V2.0 or later, or who are unsure of the firmware they have, should contact Wellntel to arrange for review and possible upgrade. Customers running older firmware should upgrade in order to take advantage of these and future features. Firmware older than V2.0 will no longer be supported after July 21, 2018.