Wellntel Network Operations on Analytics Dashboard

Wellntel Ops Map

The “Operations” tab on the Wellntel Analytics Dashboard will soon be completing its beta testing phase and will be promoted as a stable feature set. When you login to AD as a sponsor you will soon see the tab labeled “Operations.”

Gone are the days of checking off each system one by one on my.wellntel.com. The Operations feature set enables network sponsors to monitor the operational status of systems and data at a network scale. Sponsors can view metrics like “Data Delivery Rate” and groundwater level “Standard Deviation” to monitor sensor calibration status, as well as view telemetry status (systems online and offline) of the entire network and as a list of individual systems.

Wellntel AD Ops Pie

One of the most valuable features is the Action output available by clicking on alert labeled wells on the network map and with the “Actions” button. Actions output enables a sponsor to view and download a list of priority organized actions based on the latest status of each system in the network. These alert actions, if any are required, will improve network performance and allow network technicians to focus their efforts where they’re needed most to save time and money.

Wellntel Ops Map
Wellntel AD Ops List

The Operations features give network sponsors and technicians the freedom to monitor and manage networks without being dependent on Wellntel technical support. However, there may be specific actions or issues that arise requiring Wellntel technical expertise and support. The Operations tab will help direct when this support is needed.

To find the Operations feature, credentialed sponsors should login to your connect.wellntel.com account and click on the “Operations” tab.

If you have questions or feedback about the soon to be stable Operations feature set, please let us know! We’d love to work with you to improve the tools, metrics, and visualizations to be most useful and to meet your needs.