Wellntel Networks

A secure, efficient and action-oriented platform for any water-related time-series information to represent a water resource system in a given location or geographic area. 

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A platform of Sensors and Telemetry for Monitoring, Water Analytics and Management

A Wellntel Water Monitoring Monitoring Network consists of Sensors, Telemetrics to move raw data to the Internet, Servers that process and store the information, and then serve that information on dashboards for members and sponsors. In Networks, data from Wellntel Sensors can be combined with other data, like precipitation, or other groundwater or water measurement technologies.

Wellntel provides a secure and verifiable record of water resources and conditions that can affect water access, the health and operation of a groundwater well or a surface water body, and, in a network of systems, local or regional area water conditions. Locally, Wellntel Sensors provides near real-time information about the health of a water reservoir, and can be programmed to provide alerts should something change or deserve attention. When many Sensors (both by Wellntel and other suppliers) are combined in a network, measurement frequency and resolution of the sensor array provides longitudinal data suitable for use in making local water use decisions, in upgrading or repairing systems, or for highly informed water management decisions and even high resolution groundwater modeling.

Regional or Local Information

A network can be designed to measure one or more aquifer, one or more water basin, or across or within political boundaries, depending on sensor location selection and can be organized in the Analytics Dashboard into groups and subgroups for further analysis.

Local or Remote Configurations

A network can be designed to utilize existing infrastructure, like existing wells, Internet services or sensor systems, or it can be designed to exist where infrastructure does not exist, using solar power, cellular networks, and hardened field hardware.

Data Delivery

Network owners and sponsors interact with data collected from networks using Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard and other cloud-based curated reports and alerts, depending on subscription levels.


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