Wellntel Products

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Everything you need to be a pioneer in water stewardship

We offer an end-to-end solution to water scientists and managers, from sensors to telemetry to cloud-based data management and a suite of analytical, alerting and curation tools. Everything that is necessary to collect, analyze and inform, with a laser focus on rapid, simple deployments, the highest data quality and greatest quantity and process efficiency leading to action. With Wellntel, you can get more work done – more science and more reporting with less risk at a lower cost and greater impact, even when resources are limited.

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WaterDrop: a cloud-based, realtime, water information sharing platform that brings together all the available public water data in a region. (Try WaterDrop now.)

Wellntel Water Data Cloud (Wellntel Cloud and Analytics Dashboard) is a complete data collection and processing platform designed to streamline and improve the work of water monitoring and management, from planning to installation, to collection and reporting, to engaging stakeholders.

A Local Water Network is a Water Information System (sensors, telemetry and cloud) collecting and assembling data from an area – like a county, village or district – with built infrastructure like electricity, internet, and where surface and groundwater sources are accessible via flumes and wells.

A Remote Water Network is a Water Information System (sensors, telemetry and cloud) collecting and assembling data from a site where there is little or no built infrastructure, like electricity, internet and where travel takes time.

The everywhere water level sensor: we designed a sensor that gathers highly accurate and rich information from nearly any groundwater well or surface water body continuously and with minimal intervention.

Wellntel Telemetry: When using non-Wellntel sensors to communicate with the Wellntel Cloud, Wellntel will provide a Brand-Agnostic Telemetry Gateway that is both compatible with existing fleets of meters and instruments and creates future opportunity by enabling sensor telemetry connectivity to any vendor or class of data.