Wellntel System Impresses in USGS Pump Test

Pump Test Impacts on Monitoring Well: Wellntel and PT Data

At the invitation of scientists at USGS, a Wellntel system was deployed alongside redundant in-water level sensors in a monitoring well and gathered groundwater level data during pumping tests to evaluate groundwater availability. The result: a compelling argument for Wellntel as a dependably accurate instrument that can engage stakeholders with shared facts, in near realtime.

The test is one of several completed and ongoing sensor comparisons which validate Wellntel system accuracy for measuring groundwater levels.

Test process and results

  • The pump test consisted of two wells: a pumping well and a monitoring well situated about ¼ miles away.
Overhead map of pump test site
  • A Wellntel system was installed on the monitoring well in addition to a level logger and a surface-vented pressure transducer to monitor water level changes associated with pumping at the pumping well.
  • A preliminary 90 minute pump run at variable gpm (gallons per minute) up to 600 gpm confirmed hydrologic connectivity between the two wells.
  • A 72 hour pump run at 900 gpm drew down water in the monitoring well from a static water level of approximately 123.4 feet (below a measuring point) to about 171 feet.

Both pumping events can be seen in the provisional data charted on the USGS website.

USGS Pump Test Hydrograph
  • During both tests, the Wellntel system measured water levels within a fraction of an inch of the pressure transducer on average after:

… accounting for measurement point differences between the two sensors,

… correcting sensor timestamps to the same time zone, and

… linearly interpolating Wellntel sensor measurements to match the timestamps of the pressure transducer readings to allow for direct comparison

Pump Test Impacts on Monitoring Well: Wellntel and PT Data
Wellntel Time and MP Matched Data Vs USGS Pressure Transducer

Perhaps as important as the close relative accuracy of the data is the way the information was accessed during and after the test. While the in-well devices collected local data that required subsequent manual evaluation and scrubbing, the Wellntel system shared near-real-time results on a website accessible to scientists both on-site and in offices in other parts of the country. 

Wellntel Pump Test Screen Shot

It was clear to all involved in the test that Wellntel creates an all new paradigm and opportunity in groundwater information gathering and sharing. Large-scale model-ready datasets for science or engineering can be accurate, clean and fast, speeding decisions and engaging stakeholders.

Thanks to USGS scientists for making room for Wellntel on this test. The USGS makes no product endorsements, and none are implied here.