Wellntel Telemetry

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How Water Data Moves

Data transmission shouldn’t require an advanced degree. It should be easy, inexpensive and open, while still secure.

Seeing that customers and clients face high integration and operating costs for data transmission from fields sensors to databases, Wellntel works to make transmission simple and scalable in two ways:

1. When using Wellntel Sensors to communicate with the Wellntel Cloud, customers can take advantage of a Wellntel Wired-Ethernet Gateway to connect field sensors to local Internet (or optional cellular Internet in remote locations), without the need for complex network engineering or set up. The Wellntel Gateway is plug and play.

2. When using non-Wellntel sensors to communicate with the Wellntel Cloud, Wellntel offers WaterGateTM, a Brand-Agnostic Telemetry Gateway that is both compatible with existing fleets of meters and instruments and creates future opportunity by enabling sensor telemetry connectivity to any vendor or class of data.


Wellntel Telemetry allows for rapid, cost effective deployments of networks to collect information from:

  • Field instruments
  • Field computers
  • SCADA systems
  • Metering equipment (like flow or discharge meters.)
  • And of course, Wellntel Sensors.


  • Secure data transmission
  • Permanent storage
  • Automatic reading ingestion and confirmation
  • Rock solid privacy
  • High-nines availability
  • Machine-learning and AI-based precision and accuracy for Wellntel* Sensors
  • Modbus or 4-20mA analog signal output required for non-Wellntel sensors.