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Real-time Water Information Reporting

Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard (AD) is a living library of interactive tools to see water network behaviors and interactions in real-time, creating powerful new opportunities for managers and consultants, and it is a portal into Water Data for Wellntel Sponsor and Regional Network customers.

Importantly, AD is not a static software application, but a continuously-improving analytical interface with tools and features informed through constant feedback from subscribers. Organized in “TABS” (like a browser experience) users can interact with their Water Data on many dimensions:

  • In programmable location groups
  • In hydrographs
  • In terms of “change”
  • With locations statistically compare
  • In flow gallons
  • Combined with third-party data like rainfall or nearby groundwater government sites
  • In custom metrics, like “sustainability” or a “drought index.”

How to subscribe

  • An Analytics Dashboard subscription is included with every Wellntel Sensor/Cloud network of at least 10 locations, and additional seats are available either with each additional 10 locations, or at an annual subscription of $500/seat.
  • Analytics Dashboard subscribers see only the data associated with their own networks.

Other Capabilities (the list is always growing.)

  • PUT API (add sensors from existing or new, non-Wellntel collectors.)
  • GET API (connect the Wellntel Cloud with another database or model.)

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