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The everywhere water level sensor

Water level sensors should not be complicated, expensive and require experts, but most do.

So we designed a sensor that gathers highly accurate and rich information from nearly any groundwater well or surface water body continuously and with minimal intervention.

Wellntel offers the only cloud-based, telemetry-enabled water and groundwater level sensor that can be:

  • Installed in minutes by a novice
  • Doesn’t touch water
  • No drift sensor never need recalibration
  • Delivers industry-leading accuracy
  • Works on any well
    • Monitoring wells
    • Domestic or small farm wells
    • Irrigation and municipal wells with submersible pumps
  • Tracks and tags pumping status.
  • Easily adapted for surface water monitoring
  • Runs on battery for up to a year (solar and AC optional.)

How it works

A Wellntel’s cloud-based sensor matched with the Wellntel Cloud is a complete data collection and processing system.

The sensor uses sound and spectral analyses to see into the well and the local environment (temperature, vibration, network status and well construction) and reports readings on a timed or pump-triggered schedule.

The Wellntel Cloud receives raw sensor data and processes it to ensure precision and accuracy.


Wellntel Sensors can be used on groundwater and surface water applications in a network to create potentiometric maps, to compare pump influence across a well field or between ground and surface conditions, to signal a change in condition, like extreme drawdown, pump cycling or a water system leak. Using Wellntel Cloud Analytics, owners and network sponsors can program alerts and alert thresholds to call attention when a condition warrants.