Wellntel’s New SP4 Sounder Technology Dramatically Improves Performance, Even During Extreme Weather

Wellntel SP4 Sounder

At Wellntel, we look at each network every morning and study trends in performance to inform improvements which come in better hardware, better firmware and smarter analytics.

In the last year, we have implemented a variety of major platform improvements that, together, bring fleet Data Delivery Rate* to >97% on new networks and networks that feature all last hardware and software updates. These improvements include:

  • Better gateway firmware that facilitates full data delivery even when the Internet is unstable
  • Simpler message tags and modes to enable very long battery life when it is needed
  • Larger solar systems to ride through even the darkest months in the highest latitudes
  • Better site suitability and installation procedures to streamline network planning, sensor calibration and ensure long-term data quality

That said, by far, the most common failure mode for a Wellntel sensor — and the problem that has caused most interruptions in data flow — comes with extreme weather.

When there are dramatic swings in outside temperature, like at dusk in the fall or spring, large quantities of dew can form in a well, effectively deafening a sensor. Last year, we introduced our SP3 Sounder to address this problem. By sealing the sounder and replacing solid surfaces with slick, flexible ones, 80-90% of dew interruptions were prevented. However, SP3 had limited life, especially in chemical-rich environments and was fragile – it could be easily broken during installation. Then, when SP3 was damaged or came to the end of life, data interruptions followed.

We formed a team to tackle these problems and have done it, in spades.

Wellntel’s new SP4 Sounder is both impervious to dew formation, can handle rough treatment, and promises very long life – longer than warranty.

Wellntel SP4 Sounder

In development, a SP4 pilot network has proven that the technology will deliver >95% Data Delivery Rate despite the worst weather extremes. The only condition that might slow Data Delivery Rate is icing and that will be very temporary. SP4 may experience minor data disruption when this happens, but will also heal and return to full operation when the condition clears. Our SP4 pilot sites have performed flawlessly during blizzards and thunderstorms even as temperatures have swung from well below zero to summer hot.

All systems and network shipped from Wellntel’s factory since March 15th include SP4 as standard.

If you don’t have SP4 on your Wellntel System(s) or Network(s), it is important to upgrade. Network sponsors can expect to hear from a Wellntel representative in the next weeks. Customers with older versions should call (844-935-5426) or contact Wellntel Technical Support or their local representative to arrange upgrade. Charges may apply.


*Data Delivery Rate is a fleet performance metric that reports the percent of the total reading events triggered by a sensor that were able to determine the water level based on sensor measured statistics associated with raw local data and using the Wellntel plausibility engine in the Cloud.

Sponsors can review Data Delivery Rate for Network fleets, in realtime on the Operations page of Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard.