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Where Water Data Becomes Water Information

The Wellntel Water Data Cloud (Wellntel Cloud) is a complete data collection and processing platform designed to streamline and improve the work of water monitoring and management, from planning to installation, to collection and reporting, to engaging stakeholders. Its core technologies are intuitive, tightly integrated and friendly to use.

The Wellntel Cloud began as a repository for Wellntel Sensor data, but has evolved to become a secure place for any water-related data and a powerful reporting engine. By combining API, upload and public sources, Wellntel’s Cloud allows Water Managers to store, combine and share almost any water data type, including:

  • Surface water level
  • Groundwater level
  • Temperature
  • Flow (total, peak, instantaneous)
  • Pump duty (start, run, stop, recovery)
  • Precipitation
  • Network operations


  • Secure data transmission
  • Permanent storage
  • Automatic reading ingestion and confirmation
  • Rock solid privacy
  • High-nines availability
  • Machine-learning and AI-based precision and accuracy for Wellntel Sensors


  • Wellntel Water Data Cloud can be used to create one or more local water monitoring networks which can be accessed, securely, by one or many credentialed water managers.
  • A network can be configured to ingest data from Wellntel sensors, third-party telemetry-enabled sensors, public sources or observation and recordings.
  • Intuitive visual and analytical tools simplify analysis, help managers get to conclusions fast.
  • Wellntel provides accurate and reliable water groundtruth to make water cycle or groundwater models more accurate, predictive, and actionable.

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