A secure, efficient and action-oriented platform for any water-related time-series information to represent a water resource system in a given location or geographic area. 

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Scalable data collection, analytics, visualization and reporting platform for Water Management

The Wellntel Water Data Cloud (Wellntel Cloud) is a complete data collection and processing platform designed to streamline and improve the work of water monitoring and management, from planning to installation, to collection and reporting, to engaging stakeholders. Its core technologies are intuitive, tightly integrated and friendly to use.

The Wellntel Cloud is a powerful and scalable warehousing, reporting, alerting and sharing engine with an Analytics Dashboard and other services designed to provide facts to support decision-making for a wide range of stakeholders. By combining an unlimited array of data sources and data types with 24/7 telemetry and ingestion, an interactive analytics engine, programmable alerts and a curated reports and schedules, the Wellntel Cloud enables Water Managers to store, combine and share almost any water data type from any source in ways designed to be meaningful and actionable for all recipients.

The platform has become a key part of a sustainable water management philosophy and program, and is used today by leading public and private-sector organizations, like the Edwards Aquifer Authority, The New Mexico Aquifer Management Program, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards, Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (Texas), Texas A&M and The Freshwater Trust.

Scalable, Sensor-Agnostic, Designed for Sharing

The Wellntel Cloud is built to receive and present information about water from any source, organize and present it to nearly any person in a vocabulary consistent with their own. It is an environment in which all users are stakeholders and can be contributors, and where best practices are refined and improved. It is not limited to a single method or brand of sensor, and new sources of information and analytic tools come online continuously. Furthermore, depending on the project, development work done once can be shared with colleagues and partners so that investments and good ideas are institutionalized. Finally, alerts can be created to build newer, smarter and more efficient operating regimes.

Users and Roles

Wellntel has created a wide range of default user-types, ranging from licenses designed for experts and/or people who manage one or many networks, to private and public recipients of reports, alerts or localized information. The following flowchart describes the default categories of user and examples for their own experience/interaction with the information.


Importantly, the Wellntel Cloud puts resource experts into the role of an expert curator, who authors and moderates reports, alerts and websites where information will be presented. In this way, the work of science can be used to inform both the work of operation and the communication of key information to stakeholders. The curator decides whether information is protected by password or made public.

Assisted Curators

Sometimes, resource experts have the responsibility for managing but lack the time to administer an environment like the Wellntel Cloud. For these people, Wellntel provides an Assisted Curator license, which includes administrative services that are executed by qualified technicians and trained water experts. In this way, curation, authorship, alerting, reporting and user management can be directed by a client manager but handled by the Wellntel team. Fees apply for curation services.

Consultant (and other expert) Engagement

In cases where a resource manager contracts with consultants to assist with or provide science and reporting, more than one Assisted Curator licenses (one for the manager, one for the consultant) creates a collaborative environment in which the manager and the consultant’s expertise are both trained on solutions, and the work of reporting can be vastly streamlined and even automated.

Regional and Network Managers and Operators

Regional Managers are managers of many networks and sites. Regional operators provide support services to many networks and sites. Network Managers are managers of one network. Network operators provide support services to one network.

Internal Stakeholders

Internal Stakeholders are people within an organization who access data or reports with credentials, but who don’t need or want all but the most basic interactivity in analysis functions. Internal Stakeholders include a wide range of need-to-know constituents, including members of internal compliance, financial and operations teams.

Curators and Assisted Curators select and dispense intelligence and experiences to other members, including Regional Managers and Network Managers and importantly, Internal Stakeholders who can receive one, some or any curated report.

Contributors and External Stakeholders

In some cases, a network is created to include sensors that are deployed on volunteer locations and sites. In this case, Contributors to the network can be engaged in the information, but in a limited way.

External Stakeholders include the general public and/or neighbors, investors and friends, all who can be engaged in the information via curated public-facing websites.


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