Customer Testimonial: Mark Putra

When you’re running a large-scale dairy farm, suddenly running out of water is not an option. Access to large amounts of hydration is the lifeblood of a farm’s operation –– from providing water for livestock to irrigation.   “Years ago, if you had 50 cows and you ran out of well water, you could bring inContinue reading “Customer Testimonial: Mark Putra”

Customer Testimonial: Jim Healy

In the 1990s, the leaders of Richfield, Wisconsin, considered the real possibility of a bleak future: Running out of water.  The village partnered with a local university professor and doctoral students to take measurements of their water levels, consider projected growth and create models of the demands on their natural resources.  The good news isContinue reading “Customer Testimonial: Jim Healy”

Customer Testimonial: Stacy Timmons

“Wellntel allows us to track groundwater levels all across the state and fill in gaps that exist in the federal monitoring network” Stacy Timmons – Associate Director of Hydrogeology Programs for the New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources

Customer Testimonial: Larry Hull – Preventing a Crisis

With Wellntel, Hull can get more work done: More science and more reporting with less risk at a lower cost and greater impact, even when resources are limited.

“Living on a ranch, the worst fear is someone comes and says, ‘Larry, there’s no water!’” he said. “With Wellntel, I can see our level ahead of time.”