Better resource management

Groundwater experts from four prominent Texas institutions* have presented results of ongoing projects in partnership with Wellntel.

They state that Wellntel acoustic sensors “provide accurate and reliable continuous data with advanced cloud-based analytics at a low cost for deployment.”

Further stating that employing Wellntel sensors, the Wellntel Water Data Cloud, and the Wellntel Analytics Dashboard, results in “networks with greater spatial and temporal data density, and enhanced science leading to better resource management.”

These results were presented in a conference poster titled “Advanced Acoustic Technology Expands Groundwater Science: Example from Central Texas” at the GeoGulf2021 conference held in Austin, Texas in October 2021. The poster was part of Session 16: New technologies in hydrology and resource management under Theme 4: Future of technology in the geosciences.

Based on their experience, they advise that Wellntel technology “should be considered as an additional tool for monitoring water levels, particularly in actively pumping wells.”

The authors of this poster are:

  • Justin Camp, Hydrogeologist Technician – Aquifer Science Team, Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District 
  • Brian Hunt, Research Scientist Associate IV,  Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Marcus Gary, Ph.D., P.G, Field Operations Supervisor – Aquifer Science, Edwards Aquifer Authority
  • Joe C. Yelderman Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Hydrogeology, Baylor University

*Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, Bureau of Economic Geology, Edward Aquifer Authority, and Geological Sciences – Baylor University