A sensor-agnostic telemetry solution to move data from analog and digital field instruments into the cloud

Wellntel’s WaterGateTM is a sensor-agnostic remote telemetry gateway that connects to common field instruments like transducers, flow meters, water-level and water-quality sondes, temperature, pH, humidity, tipping buckets, moisture or vibration sensors, and certain process instruments, and then pre-processes, organizes, secures and transmits the information collected by those instruments to the Wellntel Water Data Cloud.

What does WaterGateTM do?

Wellntel’s WaterGateTM is an A-D-C (Analog-Digital-Cloud) converter and communication device. First, it listens via either a pulse, an analog (A) current loop (4-20mA) on a programmable time interval or two-wire RS-485 Modbus protocol and converts the information into digital (D) XML or JSON format(s) that can be read into a database that contains associated fields. Then, on another programmable time interval, the device connects to the Wellntel Water Data Cloud API via HTTPS (web services), identifies itself using factory-issued private credentials and posts the information to the Cloud, which, in turn, confirms proper data pedigree and stores a permanent and secure record.

A plug-and-play telemetry gateway

  • Sensor-agnostic: supports Modbus, digital and current (4-20mA) and common analog  local protocols, like pulse (count)
  • Factory keyed: public/private keyset secures data transmission 
  • Ethernet communication: option to include cellular modem where local internet is not available (fees apply.)
  • NEMA 4: waterproof, dustproof, tamper-proof locking enclosure
  • Power options: can be powered by local mains (AC 110/220 power), local 12/24V DC or included with rechargeable solar powered, battery-backed DC power supply.
  • Networkable: (up to 1:4 gateway to sensor ratio)
  • Hardened packaging: designed to be mounted outdoors and survive extreme weather. All cabling is self contained. Meets local electrical requirements/codes.
  • Remotely managed: health and data transmission status monitored via Wellntel Water Data Cloud.

Once data are moved to the cloud they are replicated (on the fly in multiple locations) and backed-up nightly.


Mains-Powered EthernetMains-Powered CellularSolar-Powered Cellular
Dimensions12” x 10” x 6”12” x 10” x 6”12” x 10” x 6”
Power sourceMainsMainsSolar
Input ProtocolPulse, 4-20mA, ModbusPulse, 4-20mA, ModbusPulse, 4-20mA, Modbus
MountWall or pole mountableWall or pole mountableWall or pole mountable, solar pole and mounts included
Typical use caseManufacturing/ processing environment with local internetManufacturing/ processing environment without local internetField or remote location without local power or internet

Retrofits and Upgrades

Wellntel’s WaterGate© can be retrofitted to existing Wellntel Communication Base Stations and certain Wellntel Solar Power system packages, depending on the size and shape of the existing equipment, and whether or not there is space and accomodations for the additional hardware including wiring, a communication module and a network hub and power supplies in those packages. 

In this way, additional in-situ analog sensors (flow, security, precipitation, etc.) might be powered by or share communication infrastructure within an existing Wellntel network. 

If you have an existing Wellntel Base Station or Solar Power system and would like to learn more about adding additional analog sensors to your network, please contact Wellntel at hello@wellntel.com or call 844-935-5426.