With Wellntel’s new WaterDrop, anyone can explore water data, study water balance anywhere in the US, or build a sustainability plan where they live. Wellntel Analytics Dashboard Subscribers can load trusted public data sources alongside their own networks (or anywhere else) on maps, charts and reports with the drop of a pin. Visitors are welcome and the basic plan is free.

Go ahead, drop your first pin. What will you learn about water?

Pioneering Water Stewardship

Monitor Water Anywhere

Wellntel Sensor and Telemetry solutions help communities and businesses build permanent, realtime water-monitoring networks in order to manage their resources

Manage and Share your Water Data

The Wellntel Water Data Cloud eliminates data silos and spreadsheet jockeying, empowering scientists and managers to find solutions and curate vital information to stakeholders in realtime

You have questions:

  • How much water is available and where?
  • Where is the risk?
  • Do trends in use and supply foretell problems?
  • Are we in compliance?
  • How do we manage the water we have?
  • How should we engage stakeholders?
  • How do we minimize impact and sustainably manage?

We’ll provide answers:

Wellntel will help you dramatically expand and simplify measurement and reporting of the water resource and ultimately, its sustainable management:

  • Remotely monitor and automatically manage your water resources with 90% less field work, zero spreadsheet jockeying and exponentially more useful information
  • Comprehensive water information in one secure place: ground and surface level, flow, precipitation, pumping, and recharge
  • Real-time, continuous, tailored metrics at your fingertips 
  • Intuitive visual and analytical tools simplify analysis, help managers get to conclusions fast.
  • Local, regional and enterprise-wide understanding and decision-support
  • Actionable alerts so that managers can respond to urgent issues immediately.

Our Process

We help you plan your monitoring network including sites, sources, datatypes, alerts and reports, in line with your project goals.

We help you collect, store and present water information from field sensors, observations and proprietary and public data.

We confirm your understanding of the water resource, report in real-time and alert when there is cause.

We help you, your teams, your neighbors and your constituents to Know Water and manage the resource sustainably.

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