Water is rapidly and unpredictably changing.

Wellntel lowers water risk by simplifying the work to turn science into action.

How? We help water managers and their consultants to:

  • Gather more and better information, continuously and in perpetuity
  • Scale in any direction: adding history, new sources and data-types
  • Share facts with colleagues, consultants and stakeholders in real-time

… at a fraction of the cost of conventional field work and spreadsheet jockeying.

With groundbreaking tools and technologies that:

Deliver great data fast and forever.
You can stand up a calibrated hands-free monitoring network in hours that mixes smart, easy-to-use, highly accurate and driftless sensors and existing instruments and public and historic data sources. Scale up to the basin or down to the spring.

Pinpoint and track actual risk.
Use Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard to study, tag, group, contour and compare any or every aspect of the local water condition: balance, risk, quality, contamination, reserves, production pressure, drought or pumping. Then, you can build metrics that matter and send alerts that avert risk.

Engage stakeholders to take action.
Using WaterDrop, you can curate and share what you know inside your organization, with regulators, financiers, neighbors or, if agreements allow, publish real-time results to dynamic public-facing websites with a click of a button.

Want to learn more? Try WaterDrop now (for free), or sign up to attend a live Webinar.

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