New Intuitive Menus on Analytics Dashboard

New Intuitive Menus cropped

Starting today, November 18, 2020, Wellntel Analytics Dashboard subscribers will be pleased by an all new menu structure to simplify navigation and to make it easier to find, interact with and organize water data. Instead of a long list of tabs, the new menus have been reduced to one word and organized in intuitive categories.

From the Network menu, subscribers can see all their sensors or check network health. From the Charts menu, subscribers can pick a chart style or format and then load realtime data into it. The Data menu provides a place for upload and download, and the Manage menu allows a subscriber to manage locations and groups for custom analysis.

With this update, ABOUT functions and language have been simplified and improved across the platform, so it is easier for subscribers to find comprehensive online help when required. If you’re looking for help on any page, click on the ABOUT button.

Finally, with this release we are changing how we distinguish between stable and beta features (features still in a feedback phase). Beta will be identified by an asterisk after the menu name. For example, in the image above, the BUILD* tool is in “beta” and the COMPARE tool is not.

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